Wheel Loader Comparison

Heavy Equipment

Vertical lift path skid steers have a hinge pin that’s higher off the ground than comparable compact wheel loaders, so you can dump a bit higher. But compact wheel loaders sit a bit higher, which improves visibility when dumping and when using forks to load materials through second-story openings or over walls.

It depends on what you’re looking at. The skid steer gives you good visibility to the bucket cutting edge. A compact wheel loader gives you better visibility behind and to the side.

The Verdict

In the end, the better buy for you is primarily driven by applications. If you don’t need the maneuverability or the wide range of attachments that skid steers offer, you may want to take a second look at compact wheel loaders. When you do, don’t get hung up on the higher purchase price. Work with your dealer to analyze total lifecycle costs.
The savings you get with better fuel and tire costs on compact wheel loaders and the potential for increased productivity with a compact wheel loader may save or earn you more money than the price difference between the two types of machines.


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